Libraries for development

Cooperation between Namibian, Tanzanian and Finnish libraries

The Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs has allocated development cooperation funds for the Finnish Library Association for the years 2012 – 2014. The funds are meant to support development cooperation with Namibian and Tanzanian libraries.The project is part of the poverty reduction strategies of the partner countries in accordance with the United Nations Millennium development goals. Local decision makers are provided with information on the objectives and implementation of the project so as to lobby them to increase future funding for libraries.

The immediate objectives of the project are:

  • Supporting the capacity building of the partners by training the personnel of Namibian and Tanzanian libraries in ICT and information search skills, in order to enable them to teach various NGO groups and individual community members. The process aims at bridging the digital divide at grassroots level.
  • Cooperating with a number of non-governmental organizations, in particular with women’s organizations and associations of small-scale entrepreneurs.
  • Improving distance learning possibilities for unemployed and out-of-school youth through libraries in cooperation with local youth organizations and the ministries of education in the partner countries.
  • Spread health-related information by establishing health corners at libraries.
  • Organizing ICT and information search training sessions for subsistence farmers
  • Promoting literacy by cooperating with literacy classes.

The project is implemented as follows:

  • Recruiting ICT instructors for Namibian and Tanzanian libraries. They will both train the staff and organize instruction for library customers.Arranging an annual study tour to Finland for two representatives of each partner country.
  • Organizing seminars and practical training for library staff in the partner countries. Trainers will be sent to the seminars from Finland as well.
  • The staff of the partner libraries will arrange trainings for their community members and various NGO groups. In the initial phase, twenty libraries from Namibia and two libraries from Tanzania will be involved.

Tolerance education and raising awareness on international matters through the Finnish libraries are important parts of also this project.

Join us!

The Finnish Library Association must collect approximately 20 000 € per year as the self-funding part of the expenses. In addition to monetary donations, we need volunteers to carry out several tasks in the project.

You may participate in several ways. For example:

Take part in fundraising activities and online campaigns:

  • If you wish to support us on a regular basis, make arrangements with your bank to become a monthly donor
  • We can send you our donation box if you wish to collect funds for the project from your colleagues and library customers at seminars and meetings, etc.
  • Does your library, colleague, relative or friend have an anniversary coming up soon? Thank you for directing your congratulations through our project!

You may choose e.g. one of the following support targets:

  • 10 € Instruction leaflets for ICT training
  • 20 € Books in Kiswahili
  • 50 € Study books in English / English textbooks
  • 100 € Information packages for SMEs
  • 1000 € Computer, printer and a scanner

If your library is interested in partnership activities together with Namibian and / or Tanzanian libraries, please contact us. 

Come up with your own innovation and tell us about it!

Contact information:

Finnish Library Association

Ms Minna Koskinen
045 855 6628

Ms Marjatta Lahti
050 554 7104

Project’s bank account:
Nordea FI57 15553000112517
Fundraising permission: 2020/2012/3827
The permission is applicable during 1.1.2013—31.12.2014 in mainland Finland only